MUSCULOSKELETAL ULTRASOUND - Marnix T. van Holsbeeck & Joseph H. Introcaso


By Marnix T. van Holsbeeck & Joseph H. Introcaso

  • Release Date: 2015-04-30
  • Genre: Medical


This completely revised Third Edition continues as a comprehensive reference and practical guide on the technology and application of ultrasound to the musculoskeletal system. Updated and expanded, MUSCULOSKELETAL ULTRASOUND is organized into three parts: by tissue type, by areas of special interest, and by site. Every healthcare provider dealing with musculoskeletal imaging should have this leading book. The book is written by the founding members of the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society and by other authoritative leaders in the field, all internationally recognized within the radiology, rheumatology, physiatry, orthopedics, and sports medicine communities.

* The most authoritative and comprehensive reference on applications of ultrasound to the musculoskeletal system. 
* Uses cross-sectional anatomical specimens, surgical pathology, diagrams, and 3D animations to correlate with ultrasound scans. 
* Offers tips on how to get the best scan possible for demonstration of pathology, surgical planning, and determining whether the patient is predisposed to injury and reinjury. 
* Describes and depicts examination techniques, normal ultrasonographic anatomy, and pathology in the chapters on disease. 
* Features imaging algorithms for the sonographic evaluation of different joints. 
* Includes information on examination technique indications and differential diagnosis in the chapters on sonography of joints.



    By Kathy Quenneville
    Sensational! My appreciation to Dr.'s van Holsbeeck and Introcaso for sharing their knowledge and expertise to create this superb, comprehensive book of musculoskeletal ultrasound. I admire the authors for making great strides with a unique electronic version to aid in easier understanding of the complexities of the musculoskeletal system. The easy to read text and detailed illustrations coupled with numerous still images, cines / videos of anatomy, pathology and dynamic studies of musculoskeletal movement makes this book one you will treasure throughout your career. Very useful for the novice and experienced sonographer alike. I salute all involved in creating this musculoskeletal ultrasound masterpiece.