Practice Island - Michael Clay Thompson

Practice Island

By Michael Clay Thompson

  • Release Date: 2014-12-15
  • Genre: Education


Practice island is a supplement to Grammar Island and Sentence Island. It is the first of the elementary-level Practice Workbooks. Its aim is to improve students' grammar, writing, and vocabulary through analysis of individual sentences. Students work through the sentences using a unique four-level analysis and thereby reinforce their grammar and writing skills.

The 100 interactive sentences have separate screens for students to identify the parts of speech, the parts of the sentence, phrases, and clauses. Students tap and drag their answers beneath the word(s) in the sentence. Students can self-check their answers with the check button. There is a review screen after the clause level to reinforce the answers to the four-level analysis of the sentence. By the end of the workbook, by examining a wide and often amusing set of sentences, students experience the success and satisfaction of a clear understanding of the principles of English sentences.