The Time Machine - H.G. Wells & Michael Clay Thompson

The Time Machine

By H.G. Wells & Michael Clay Thompson

  • Release Date: 2014-07-31
  • Genre: Classics


The Time Machine is the second novel in Michael Clay Thompson's Time Trilogy. 

Thompson provides close-ups of poetic techniques, four-level analyses of interesting grammar, and comments about writing strategies. They all focus on the author’s writing technique while still keeping the child's mind on the book itself.

H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine has it all: brilliant vocabulary, reflection on the implications of science, subtle and wry commentary on governmental and social systems, reflections on morality, a deep portrait of a creative genius whose mind isolates him even from his friends, luminous poetic writing, dazzling images...everything. It is a one-book humanities course.

This novel is a supreme work of the imagination, a work so captivating in its vivid description of the distant future that the reader scarcely notices the radical art of the work, such as the almost total absence of dialogue and the fact that the main character is never named.