The Search Trilogy Parent Manual - Michael Clay Thompson

The Search Trilogy Parent Manual

By Michael Clay Thompson

  • Release Date: 2014-07-11
  • Genre: Education


A parent's guide to help children appreciate Treasure Island, The Invisible Man, and The Call of the Wild.

The parent manual is designed to aid you in helping your child to become a more critical, creative, understanding, and aware reader. The books are published in trilogies so you can leverage the reading experience. The three novels are intended to be read in a particular order, with questions flowing from one novel to the next and then to all three. Children are encouraged to make comparisons across all three novels and to regard the reading experience of each in relation to the others. This provides for a far richer reading experience and helps develop a broad range of insights into reading.

This literature program encourages reflection, discussion, growth, and understanding. It gives children an acquaintance with great authors and an in-depth understanding of these classics, with additional benefits for children of the MCT curriculum. It reinforces the importance of all aspects of the curriculum as children learn how these elements are used by the greatest authors. Using language illustrations MCT highlights outstanding passages, revealing to children that they may be reading too quickly and with too little concentration. Consequently, they have missed what the author was up to.