Free-Wrench - Joseph R. Lallo


By Joseph R. Lallo

  • Release Date: 2014-07-16
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4.5
From 1,361 Ratings


The islands of Caldera are a shining jewel in a rather bleak world. A terrible calamity in the past had blanketed much of the world with a toxic "fug." Those who survived were forced to take to the mountains and the skies in wondrous airships. Life has since been a struggle, with only the most ruthless and crafty able to survive. To spare themselves the same fate, the Calderans erected a battery of guns to fend off the airships of the mainland. They isolated themselves from the madness of the world, choosing instead to focus on the pursuits of art and creativity. Few believe the technologically advanced but socially barbarous outsiders have anything to offer. Amanita Graus, though, is hoping that they do.
Nita's mother has lost her livelihood and perhaps soon her life to a terrible disease. Already the black sheep of the family for embracing engineering rather than art, Nita resolves to leave the safety of her home and do whatever it takes to find a cure. For a price, the bizarre crew of an airship called The Wind Breaker are willing to grant her a meeting with their mysterious benefactors, and thus a chance to procure the one thing with a chance to save her mother.
Free-Wrench follows Nita’s adventures in a steampunk world of airships and lunatics. Helping her in her journey are an eccentric crew of smugglers; the gruff Cap’n Mack, the simple but enthusiastic Lil and Coop, the arrogant marksman Gunner, the surly surgeon Butch, and the irritable mascot Wink. To survive and find what she seeks she’ll need to earn their trust, follow their rules, and meet face to face with the people who pull the strings of their society.


  • Stupendous

    By autumn379
    This book is one of the greatest I ever read! There are so many twist and turns. I totally recommend this book!
  • Awesome Book

    By 1234567890jill
    From the synopsis, I got the impression that this would only be about an outcast in a xenophobic community going on an adventure to prove her worth. Boy, was I wrong! I was pleasantly surprised by the cast of characters who never get same-y or repetitive, the lack of filler, and the reader-friendly yet non-condescending descriptions of the technology and world. I would definitely recommend reading this!
  • Hello author

    By keegan6407
    This is really good book
  • Free Wrench

    By kay1#
  • Interesting and a little too descriptive.

    By Senior woman
    It kept my interest with the story, but some what wordy with fittings and valves etc.
  • I judged the book by its cover,

    By Lord Humongous
    As a mechanic, I was curious about the steampunk world from the mechanical perspective, and these books nail it. I share Nita's views on redundancy and simplicity to increase efficiency. I appreciated the mechanic-as-artist development.
  • 5 stars

    By Hasanur BD
    Nice read!
  • Swashbuckling

    By Actoresse
    Pirates, Ichabod cranes, airships, adventure and fun! A female that makes it in the midst of all the chaos!
  • Fun Enjoyable Read

    By chef poppy
    Great story. Fun characters. Very well written.
  • Good book

    By cscoggins48
    I started this book just because I was bored. But the book definitely hooked me in and kept me wanting to read more. The descriptions of the landscape and characters were awesome and very imaginative.