All About Gymnastics - Maya Byrne

All About Gymnastics

By Maya Byrne

  • Release Date: 2014-04-22
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
Score: 2.5
From 194 Ratings


Do you want to know about the world of gymnastics? This book has everything you need to know.


  • Cute

    By TheArtise
    The little kid put so much effort into this book ,and the grammar is so funny.
  • Did a five yr old write this?

    By Gymnast_jewels
    Ok. First of all, this has got to have been written by a five year old. Spelling is horrible and not much information is given about the sport. The "author" only writes from her perspective and writes about what she does at gymnastics. She doesn't say anything, really about events other than they are stations and on bars you swing around with the teachers. I give this "book" two stars because the illustrations are adorable and since this was clearly written by a young person.
  • Awful

    By LindaItunesAccount
    This book was written by a two year old
  • Why

    By Ashanaye
    I like the book but not enough pages
  • Who wrote this?

    By Isabella Nagel
    I honestly feel like a 4 year old wrote this book. A 4 year old probably did. Who ever edited this book did a REALLY bad job on it. There are misspelled words, wrong capitalization, and wrong punctuation. I really thought that it would help me with gymnastics>:(
  • Don't get it

    By The Anybodies
    I know everything about gymnastics because I do it, everything is pretty easy once you do it, I'm in level 3 in gymnastics, there are not any colors or groups in gymnastics there are only levels, you have the same teacher every time. The level your in is the teacher your getting if he/she knows how to teach the class. The levels are split up so that one teacher won't have to teach all of the kids. The boys and girls are split up from the girls, all the boys are in the same class even if there not in the same level. Not 1 teacher teaches the same class. Hope this helped on what gymnastics really is.
  • Bad grammar and really childish!

    By Hehxeusudjhdh
    Horrid grammar
  • Just Be Nice!

    By Brennađź’—Cheer
    Ok. We all know that this was written by some little kid, so you don't have to be so mean about it! Why even get the book if you're going to write such terrible comments?
  • My opinion

    By Mr. BigSteph
    The drawings and most of the writing is not the best
  • All about gymnastics

    By Jerica Bryson
    Ok I'm not trying to be rude but the book wasn't that good. You should make it a little longer, and you can tell in the book some tricks you learn on bars, beams, floor and trampoline or vault witch ever one you do!! Other wise the book is great!!!!