More Secrets of the 3-String Partial Capo - Harvey Reid

More Secrets of the 3-String Partial Capo

By Harvey Reid

  • Release Date: 2014-04-04
  • Genre: Music


Another trove of amazing ideas for the 3-string  E-suspended capo...
Partial capo pioneer Harvey Reid presents the 6th book in his series of Capo Voodoo books, and reveals yet another impressive collection of ingenious partial capo applications. This book continues the explorations begun in Book 1, and shows another 28 ways to find new music with a 3-string, “Esus” type capo. 
All of the ideas in this book involve multiple partial capos, altered tunings, or combinations of the two, and take you another level deeper into the mysterious new “hyperspace” that partial capos generate in every guitar fingerboard.
Reid takes you through the pro’s and con’s of Liberty, Shubb, Kyser, G-7, Third Hand and Spider partial capos, and guides you through this confusing new landscape of possibilities as only he can. Whether you are an instrumental player, songwriter, or just a recreational player looking for some fresh sounds, you’ll find a hidden world of great new guitar music with the skills you already have.
There are many hundreds of great new chords and voicings that no one has ever played before, with careful explanations of musical strategy plus a wealth of tips and tricks.