Symmetry - Melinda Darby Dyar, Mickey E. Gunter & Dennis Tasa


By Melinda Darby Dyar, Mickey E. Gunter & Dennis Tasa

  • Release Date: 2014-03-03
  • Genre: Earth Sciences


Given a basic understanding of symmetry operations (Chapter 11) we now examine symmetry using stereographic projections. Two types of symmetry are discussed: point symmetry and space symmetry. Point symmetry relates to mineral shapes (morphology) while space symmetry relates to the atomic arrangement of minerals.
Topics covered in Chapter 12 include:
• Stereographic Projections
• Point Symmetry Operations
• Groups of Point Symmetry Operations
• Relating Point Symmetry Operations to Crystal Systems
• Naming Point Groups
• The 32 Point Groups: Organizing Collections of Point Groups into Crystal Systems
• Unit Cells
• Bravais Lattices
• Naming Planes and Lines in Crystals
• Space Symmetry
• Space Groups

This Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy Series is specifically designed to take full advantage of digital media technology to empower students and teachers of mineralogy. Using color photographs, illustrations, movies, 3D models that can be rotated, interactive diagrams, and review questions, this series makes a challenging subject approachable. Also, each chapter in the series is available separately allowing the reader to pick and choose only those chapters they need for their specific course.