The Game - Terry Schott

The Game

By Terry Schott

  • Release Date: 2013-08-22
  • Genre: Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 12,192 Ratings


The Matrix/ Ender's Game meets The Hunger Games ...

What if, instead of traditional schools, children learned by participating in a virtual reality simulation, one that allowed them to experience, "life" from birth to death - multiple times?

What if one player,
on his final play,
could change the world forever...?



    By hdjaia
    Amazing read!
  • Excellent writing.

    By cfmahoney
    I was engaged from start to finish. It makes for an interesting view on life....
  • Yee

    By MotoGod22
  • Beautiful!!!

    By Xerokun
    This is a great read from start to finish! I couldn’t put it down until it was over. I was moved to tears throughout! I honestly want to read the book over again because I want to memorize the lives the author created when writing this book.
  • I love this series!

    By pumpkinivey
    So good, I’m actually writing a review. Solid cast of characters and a gripping plot kept me turning pages until the wee hours. I plowed through one book after another and every time I thought it couldn’t get any better....mind blown again. Once I started with the first book, I couldn’t get to the next one fast enough. Hand down, one of my favorite series EVER.
  • Almost Perfect

    By Skull_1532
    Great concept and book but wish there was an audio book for it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Addicted

    By Rico600nh
    I love this series it’s so addictive definitely a must read
  • Great book

    By Am1r!
    Great book, it’s very interesting, and brings a new concept to traditional dystopian novels. It makes you want to get the next one right away. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book in this genre, can’t wait to read the next ones.
  • A Must Read!!!

    By TraLyAlba
    Hands down one of my all time favorite books and book series. I couldn’t put it down and have reread it at least 6 times. If you love science fiction, dystopian societies, mystery, action, all combined with a lot of hope then this is for you. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!!!!!!
  • Great book.

    By Head_RJ
    I don’t know if you watch Netflix or whatever to go sleep but start reading this book in order to go to sleep at night. You probably will fall asleep faster and have more vivid dreams. The science behind it works like this. As you read your eyes will get tired. They will send a message to your brain that your body is tired so you’re going to eventually feel sleepy and fall asleep. Check this tho reading is highly stimulating. Multiple parts of your brain are active when you’re reading. Your body is going to fall asleep but your brain is still highly active so the energy has to go some where. (This the part where my theory comes in.) I believe that when you’re sleeping you’re getting a glimpse of what your subconscious does to use that energy. Therefore what you’re seeing is no longer what your conscious brain processes as you see through your eyes. You’re actually seeing your subconscious. Read the summary. If you’re as interested in the summary as I was then when you start using that technique you’ll see what I mean.