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3rd Grade Common Core Math

By WAGmob

  • Release Date: 2014-08-19
  • Genre: Education


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WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning Book for "3rd Grade common core math".  The Book helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner.
Features include Tutorials and Quizzes on each chapter, and Interactive animations . 

You can also take notes for important topics using notes feature. 

A real simple 'n easy Book for "3rd Grade common core math". You will love this Book.  

"Operations and Algebraic Thinking" includes tutorials on:

3.OA.1 Multiplication of Whole Numbers,
3.OA.2 Division,
3.OA.3.a Multiplication Word Problem,
3.OA.3.b Division Word Problem,
3.OA.4 Properties of Multiplication,
3.OA.5Division as Unknown Factor,
3.OA.6 Finding Unknowns in Multiplication and Division,
3.OA.7.a Multiplication Within 100,
3.OA.7.b Division within 100,
3.OA.8 Two Step Word Problem,
3.OA.9 Arithmetic Patterns.

"Numbers and Operations in Base Ten" includes tutorials on:

3.NBT.1.a Place Value,
3.NBT.1.b Rounding,
3.NBT.2 Addition and Subtraction within 1000,
3.NBT.3 Multiplying Single Digits by Multiples of 10.

"Number and Operation-Fraction" includes tutorials on:

3.NF.1 Fraction,
3.NF.2 Fraction on Number Line,
3.NF.3 Comparing Fractions and their Equivalence.

"Measurement and Data" includes tutorials on:

3.MD.1 Time,
3.MD.2 Volumes and Masses of objects,
3.MD.4 Graphs that represent Data Sets,
3.MD.5 Area,
3.MD.8 Perimeter.

"Geometry" includes tutorials on:
3.G.1 Understanding the Categories of Shapes,
3.G.2 Understanding Visual Fractions of Shapes.

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