The Girl in the Leaves - Robert Scott, Sarah Maynard & Larry Maynard

The Girl in the Leaves

By Robert Scott, Sarah Maynard & Larry Maynard

  • Release Date: 2012-12-31
  • Genre: True Crime
Score: 4
From 101 Ratings



In the fall of 2010, in the all-American town of Apple Valley, Ohio, four people disappeared without a trace: Stephanie Sprang; her friend, Tina Maynard; and Tina’s two children, thirteen-year-old Sarah and eleven-year-old Kody. Investigators began scouring the area, yet despite an extensive search, no signs of the missing people were discovered.

On the fourth day of the search, evidence trickled in about neighborhood “weirdo” Matthew Hoffman. A police SWAT team raided his home and found an extremely disturbing sight: every square inch of the place was filled with leaves and a terrified Sarah Maynard was bound up in the middle of it like some sort of perverted autumn tableau. But there was no trace of the others.

Then came Hoffman’s confession to an unspeakable crime that went beyond murder and defied all reason. His tale of evil would make Sarah’s survival and rescue all the more astonishing—a compelling tribute to a young girl’s resilience and courage and to her fierce determination to reclaim her life in the wake of unimaginable wickedness.


  • Ok

    By Twonewlungs
    I generally like true crime but this one just went on and on with way too much detail. By the middle of the book i was just skimming the paragraphs.
  • The Girl In The Leaves.

    By Girl found
    This is a very good book. Very well written. Very much worth the time it takes to read it. Thank God this monster was caught and will never be free again. Sarah was a brave little girl and my heart breaks for her and what she and her father have had to endure because of this monster. I recently saw her and her father on Dr. Phil and I admire her so much. My prayers are with you Sarah.
  • Good but too repetitive

    By Barbie_dolly_T
    I enjoyed reading this book, but I have to agree that it gets repetitive. Finished reading it in 2 days. I feel so bad for this young lady.
  • Too slow

    By Allie62
    Beginning of this book was good but it quickly became torture to read. So much repetition I started skimming pages and then just skipping them. Didn't even finish reading it. What happened was awful and I am glad Sarah survived and I am so sorry for her loss. If the book wasn't so weighed down with constant repeating of information and unnecessary information of the investigation it would of been better. Watching the story on Discovery ID was way better, interesting and informative. Sarah even gives information personally. Save your money.
  • Awful!

    By wytchipoo
    I really wanted to like this book because I love true crime stories, but it was so tedious that I couldn't even get through it. It was interesting at first, but most of the details about the criminal and his crimes are revealed relatively early. This makes the rest of the book, which is about the investigation and ensuing events, a very dry, painstaking account of everything we already know, poorly written in repetitive, excessive detail consisting mainly of times, dates, quotes and other boring information. The author(s) seems to have a limited vocabulary, and sentences are often repeated verbatim. Even the chapter titles are annoyingly redundant, as each one is simply a phrase taken from the chapter to follow. One gets the feeling that this book was hurried along, which is a shame because it could have made a good mystery had it been properly written.
  • Sad

    By LocallyDisturbed
    An awful thing in a town I lived in, I remember the searches. This poor family.
  • Praying for you

    By jcznab
    Praying for you.