Revealing Us - Lisa Renee Jones

Revealing Us

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2013-09-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 205 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones takes readers on the ultimate journey of sensual discovery in Revealing Us, the unforgettable third installment of the Inside Out series.

No in between...

He has become her life, her heart, her very soul. But he is dark and damaged and his secrets are many. Sara will risk everything for him. He, in turn, will dare to expose his deepest needs, his most erotic desires. And in the fury of passion he will reveal all that torments him, all that he can never escape. To love him, Sara must embrace the darkest part of him, and become his shelter in a storm that will be his ultimate salvation.


  • Awesomely addictive!

    By Esbee honeybear
    The entire series was suspenseful and wonderfully addictive! This third book was slower than the other two, however it was needed in the continuation of Chris and Sara's story. I am thrilled she is continuing on with their story by making a fourth book!
  • Total let down

    By Mrsmorganmac
    I loved the first two books. Even the novellas were well written, but this book had Sara whining half the book and the other half was nothing but a fight. The most intriguing part of all three books were the suspense and quite frankly, it was brushed over. There were way too many things going on for absolutely nothing to be resolved by the end of the book.
  • Top notch

    By lmpanthermom
    The Inside-out trilogy was amazing! The mix of suspense, intrigue and love was truly page-turning. I could not put it down.
  • Sensational!!

    By Romance Queen
    I loved this series and I loved this book. I didn't want to put it down but at the same time, I didn't want to finish it because I didn't want it to end. It was so comparable to a Fifty Shades. I don't really have any other words other than....Read These Books! I don't even think I can read anything else yet because these characters are so wrapped up in my head.
  • Great Trilogy

    By Cynlady
    I just loved this trilogy and each book has so many things to discover. I have to say that all 3 are great. This book in specific takes you to a different location (Paris) and it describes each place and situation very well. I have never been in Paris but now I I have a better idea of what to spect but besides that and to be honest, I did not think there will be much left of the story of Chris & Sara but actually it gives us a lot and wanting for more pages to read. I cannot wait for Mark's books and maybe Ella?
  • Great book

    By Jackie Sed
    I love the book but I feel that there is more that needs to be told. Like what happened with the case against Ava. What really happened to Ella. Hopefully they won't leave high and dry.
  • It kept my attention

    By Eroticbookluvr
    I have read the whole series Inside Out, including Rebecca's Lost Diaries. I loved the first book and really enjoyed the second book. The third book was good but the ups and downs in Sara and Chris relationship made me yawn. It just seemed like a bit of filler to me. The big reveal was nicely tied in but I wanted to know more about Ella and is there a possibility could Rebecca still be alive? The ending seemed rushed, abrupt and I felt a little empty. The positive thing this author does is write amazing sex scenes and she has a great story line in this series. I hope there is a new series for Ella and more on Ava, Rebecca and Mark. I am on the authors email list so I will stay tuned for hopefully more.
  • Revealing Nothing

    By aleksandar koalarov
    I was looking forward to this final installment but was sorely disappointed. The big reveal explaining why Chris was seeking pain was not proportional to the murder of Amber's parents. Emotionally not realistic for Chris to blame himself for a random act of violence and then resorting to episodes where he needs to be whipped because he feels he deserves it for not saving people from those acts of violence. Huge letdown. Don't bother.