Manhood of Humanity. - Alfred Korzybski

Manhood of Humanity.

By Alfred Korzybski

  • Release Date: 1950-03-01
  • Genre: Science & Nature


It is a science book. It is the aim of this little book to point the way to a new science and art—the science and art of Human Engineering. By Human Engineering I mean the science and art of directing the energies and capacities of human beings to the advancement of human weal. It need not be argued in these times that the establishment of such a science—the science of human welfare—is an undertaking of immeasurable importance. No one can fail to see that its importance is supreme. It is evident that, if such a science is to be established it must be founded on ascertained facts—it must accord with what is characteristic of Man—it must be based upon a just conception of what Man is—upon a right understanding of Man's place in the scheme of Nature.