Discovering the Leader Within - Randy Fujishin

Discovering the Leader Within

By Randy Fujishin

  • Release Date: 1997-02-01
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


Selected for The Executive Program Book Club
-- Practical, application orientation helps anyone active in groups in their professional or personal lives
-- Skills necessary to participate more effectively in any group are developed throughout the book
-- Powerful communication ideas presented in understandable terms
-- Provocative end-of-chapter exercises provide practice in newly learned concepts
-- Honest, engaging, and friendly style makes the book accessible to all reading levels
-- Based on theoretical foundation yet emphasizes application of skills
-- Personal growth and development encouraged while working with group members
-- Enhances understanding of group process
-- Explores personal growth and development while working with group members
-- Improves speaking and listening skills
-- Shows innovative ways to make decisions and solve problems
-- Builds cohesive and supportive atmosphere
-- Presents strategies for dealing with conflict
-- Strengthens enthusiasm to facilitate and lead groups
-- Exercises to practice communication skills that help the group achieve its goals
-- Index for easy reference"