Questions And Answers About Islam - Wael El-Manzalawy

Questions And Answers About Islam

By Wael El-Manzalawy

  • Release Date: 2010-08-29
  • Genre: Islam
Score: 4
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In his book: "Questions And Answers About Islam", Wael El-Manzalawy is discussing many major issues: the presence of the God, the necessity of religion, the truth about the Christ, woman in Islam, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims......etc. Did Islam spread by the sword? Is Islam the religion of terrorism? Using the technique of imagined dialogues,Wael answers these questions.


  • Mr

    By Wasim8393
    This is a good book download and read it, if you have non Muslim friends share it with them as well
  • Response to Felix EdGonzales

    By Zinko87
    I am a well versed student of Islam, and I'm taking the time to tell you that you were misled. The Holy Quran, not qurom as you stated, preaches the practice of peace, love for one another, and most importantly that there is one God and Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is his prophet. I urge you to take the time to meet with someone who can clarify the impression you have on my people, and hope that you see thing the way they truly are. May peace be upon you.
  • Not half bad

    By Beaver Fever (LOLZ)
    I wasn't sure when I began reading passages from Mr. El-Manzalaways excerpts how I would feel about the article. After reading, I enjoyed the points he made and the quotes from the Quran to prove his points. It was an enlightening read and short enough not to confuse or divert from the points he was making.
  • About Muslim book

    By kanzion
    Every schoolar and well versed student of the muslim religion knows quoram is honestly a book of war. It is a book Not of love, nor peace. It has a frontal and very clear message: war, killing of the infidels (anybody of different religion of different thinking). However, followers of quoram do not admit dialogue or any type of controversy against their book. The Bible instead, proclaims a message anybody can discuss, agree or disagree, why? Because God does not force anybody to love or even follow him. He is the way, he says, you can take or leave it, however, you will never go to heaven through a different way. Heaven is his house, you can decide not to go there, but as a result, you will go to eternal damnation. Not because God wants you to go to hell, but because you rejected his only way and there is only one other place you can go besides heaven, hell. Followers of Mahoma feel they need to defend their god, and will kill anybody to fulfill that mission. God does not need anybody's protection, We need his. In a final analysis, who wants a religion that has kept nations in complete ignorance, dictatorships, poverty, and no freedom of expression, repression, intimidation? See the news; Egipt, Lybia, Iran, Irak, just to name a few that have muslim leaders hated by their own people. Why muslims come to America and fight for more religion freedom and they jail, abuse, robe, rape and kill Christians and their own countries? In muslims countries, no Christian citizen has equal rights to muslims citizens. C'mom, lets be honest, what is your agenda? Or what is your proposition of peace? Because up until now, the quoram doctrine has not produce peace in any country or anybody profesing that faith. With all my heart, i would love to hear, to read a peace leagacy if you have one. Perhaps you can show to the world how would you bring peace to the middle east, after all, you owe it to humanity and to1400 years of mulslim bloodly history.
  • Insulting other religions and convert??

    By 1tiget
    Author with very little knowledge, I think he made a joke out of himself and his belief.