The Empire - Lisa Renee Jones

The Empire

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 169 Ratings


Harper and Eric are now faced with trust issues. Can they survive their enemies and find a path to love and forever?

The third and final book in the Filthy Trilogy. 

Book one: The Bastard
Book Two: The Princess


  • The Empire

    By Luludx5
    This is the 3rd book in the Filthy Trilogy and the conclusion to Eric & Harper's story. Eric & Harper have to work to find a balance in their relationship where they can truly trust each other as they fall deeper in love. So many of the the pieces of the puzzle come together but at first you are wondering who did what and how will it possibly end. With the help of Walker Security, Eric is trying to solve who tried to kill his father. Was it Issac, Gigi, or maybe Harper's mom, possibly the mob, and what about the birth certificates? Lisa does an amazing job of tying everything together and then throwing a twist in to keep things exciting. An incredible HEA!!! Loved it!
  • Still worth the read

    By crtl-freak007
    This was definitely a great trilogy. First time reading this author and I am pleased. I tend to like details about characters and more going on in a book than just sex and she delivers. Loved the first two books. So that being said, this book disappointed me a bit. There was a point in the middle about 100-125 pages where Eric and Harper were getting into arguments and having sex in the middle and then making up about the same issues over and over again. I could’ve done without that and provided a better and longer epilogue. There were details that kept coming up that were never concluded or further explained(I follow details) after all the treacherous behavior from this family I was waiting for the Hammer to be dropped on them and it didn’t happen. Loved the supporting characters, SAVAGE is so adorable can’t figure out why lol. Long story short I wanted Eric to get justice and better developed epilogue but still worth the read.
  • #TheBa$tardisReal!!!

    By Kris-13
    The Empire concludes The Filthy Duet Series, and what a conclusion...LRJ takes us to a place she has never before with this gripping ending... The Empire is raw and captivating, scorching hot, and even chilling to the point of leaving you speechless at times. Believe me when I say “I love Eric!” (and have since book 1, nothing has changed) #TheBa$tardisReal!!!
  • What A Series

    By Tammyemd
    The Filthy Thrilogy has come to an amazing end with The Empire. The Empire picks up right where The Princess left off. This story has so much to it money, sexiness,hot couple, and dark mystery. Harper and Eric have so much so much chemistry. You will sit on the edge of your sit trying to figure out this who did it. Lisa has such a knack for writing dark mysteries with a lot of ups and downs. You must read The Bastard and The Princess before you read The Empire. A really good series.
  • The Empire (Filthy Trilogy Book 3)

    By Tastywordgasms
    The Empire is the third and final book in the Filthy Trilogy. You do need to read Book one and two prior to reading The Empire. Eric and Harper’s story continues where they left off in The Princess, book two. Eric is a savant. Harper is his step-sister. They are in love. They have battled through all the secrets, twists and turns from the first 2 books! After 2 huge cliffhangers, from the 1st 2 books, it was good to finally get an HEA! FYI the Filthy Trilogy is a spin off from the Dirty Rich Series in case you want more by Lisa Renee Jones, whom I consider her books as Must Reads! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and now I need to know what is next since, this is the conclusion of the Filthy Trilogy.
  • Great series

    By shellyburger73
    The Empire is the third book in the Filthy series. Once again this book started right where the Princess ended. I felt that this book was not as intense as the first two. I kind of felt like I was just coasting along from chapter to chapter. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the book! I just didn’t get as excited! I definitely feel that you need to read both The Bastard and The Princess before reading this one. You need to have the whole story all the way to the end. Even though a few people tried to have things come between them, Eric and Harper stood strong and together and made it! This is a great series that I recommend reading.
  • A trilogy you don’t want to miss!

    By Crystal's Book World
    Okay we are finally at Eric's and Harper's conclusion with The Empire. So many questions dancing in my head about the secrets and threats. The ending is epic and I promise you, if you have been reading along with this trilogy, you will finally understand whom is behind all of this grief and drama. The why's. The family drama kept me on the edge! The Empire is a great read! The sexy scenes were scorching hot! The passion between Eric and Harper can be felt through out the pages. I wanted more... but all good things must come to an end. I love Eric and Harper. I love the fact we get a little taste of Walker Security (they are my fantasy come true ;) ) The Empire was a great story for a great ending!
  • Watch for an enemy around every corner! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

    By easwain
    Watch for an enemy around every corner! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read This story will give you whiplash with all the twists and turns! You just have to hold on for the ride. Eric may be one of my favorite SEAL characters yet. He's just is sexy and so stinkin' smart.. you just can't help yourself. Eric has to put everything on the line and that includes his relationship with Harper. I loved all the tie in's and the chemistry of all the characters. This is the reason I never miss a Lisa Renee Jones release! 5 STARS AMAZING SERIES!
  • The Empire

    By Semiller7
    The Empire is book 3 in the Filthy Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones. This book is the conclusion to Harper & Eric’s story and pucks right off where The Princess book 2 left off. I love this author and her writing. She keeps us guessing and in the edge of our seat with all the mystery, suspense and twists and turns. I thought she gave the perfect ending to Eric and Harper’s story. Their passion and love for each other kept them going through it all. I highly recommend this book, this series and especially this author.
  • Phenomenal Ending!

    By Astroyic
    Intrigue, Passion & Danger! I found myself reading at the speed of light, with my heart pounding, blood pumping, and on the edge of my seat, trying to get through this phenomenal finale. As Harper asks the difficult questions, as she deals with the pain of what she has just overheard. Eric lays it all out to explain. Exposing all of his moves, fearing that he could lose her, and after everything he needs her in his life. But although Harper now knows Eric’s secrets, he still doesn’t know all of hers. So with murder in the air and danger all around. Harper and Eric’s hot passion, burns deep and wild as desire consumes them alive. Sizzling caresses, cause tingles through every part of their bodies as they crave the seduction that their love and connection brings and make them an us. But with so many players and so many secrets, it will take more than just Eric’s Savant abilities on his own. But with the help from secret messages and the men of Walker Security will they figure it out before any one else dies? You will need to read to find out. Don’t miss this exciting, passionate and thrilling final book in this series. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.