Darcy Sweet Mystery Box Set - K.J. Emrick

Darcy Sweet Mystery Box Set

By K.J. Emrick

  • Release Date: 2018-11-05
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


A Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery - Books 15 to 18 in a box set!

Book 15 - A Murder of Consequence

A surprise early morning phone call from an old friend sets Darcy Sweet's sixth sense humming. Darcy's friend needs her help with something but won't say what it is.

Darcy promises to drive the five hours to her friend's house the next day. Upon arrival she discovers the shocking news that her friend's husband, Braden has just been murdered!

Trying to help find the killer, Darcy is almost immediately dragged into the murder investigation. The further into the investigation she gets the more secrets she uncovers. Half-truths and lies and mysteries within mysteries. It seems things aren't really as they appear to be.

Who killed Braden and why? Will Darcy be able to work it out before she realizes that her own life may be in danger also?

Book 16 - Til Death Do Us Part

Spring is in the air in Misty Hollow. And so is Mystery... Once again.

As Darcy Sweet prepares for her upcoming wedding it should be the talk of the town. However, the discovery of human bones in a box overshadows that. The gossip mill is buzzing and it's all anyone can talk about.

Not Darcy though... She is just glad that this particular mystery is happening outside of Misty Hollow. She and Jon won't be getting wrapped up in this one. They'll be spending their time concentrating on their wedding plans.

Won't that be a nice change?

Book 17 - Murder Down Under

Darcy and Jon are finally married and heading to Australia for their honeymoon.

A whole week in Tasmania staying at the Pine Lake Inn with nothing to do but act like tourists. No ghosts to deal with. No mysteries to solve. Just rest and relaxation. It will be a welcome change having nothing to worry about.

That is until they actually arrive at their destination.

They find that three people have died just recently under suspicious circumstances and a fourth has just been released from hospital. That is definitely something to worry about.

The local police department doesn't seem too worried about it though so it's up to Darcy and Jon to figure it all out. 

Will they be able to catch a killer in their midst before the unknown person strikes again?

Book 18 - Laid to Rest

Home from her honeymoon in Australia Darcy Sweet is settling nicely into life as a married woman. The spirit world in Misty Hollow is uncharacteristically quiet and peaceful and even her Great Aunt Millie is unusually quiet. 

Which is very odd.

It was like all of the ghosts have just... gone. Darcy doesn't mind... it's a chance for some peace and quiet and gives her the illusion that she is just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life.

At least, that is, until she discovers something strange about her Great Aunt's death that raises some questions about how Millie actually died. 

But she died from natural causes... didn't she?

Darcy has always believed it to be true... so when evidence comes to light that this may not have been the case Darcy's whole world is shaken to the core.

Can Darcy and Jon work out what's going on before someone else close to them loses their life?