Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After - Lisa Renee Jones

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2018-10-10
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 108 Ratings


Continuing where Dirty Rich Cinderella Story left off...

Get ready for a steamy honeymoon, and a heart-stopping welcome home for Cole and Lori!

The unexpected is about to happen and while Lori has faced the demons of her past, she and Cole will face those of his past now.

This is the follow-up to DIRTY RICH CINDERELLA STORY: the second book in the Dirty Rich series. 

BOOK ONE: Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Cat and Reese's story)
BOOK TWO: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Cole and Lori's story)
BOOK THREE: Dirty Rich Obsession (Reid and Carrie's story)
BOOK FOUR: Dirty Rich Betrayal (Grayson and Mia's story)
BOOK FIVE: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After (Cole and Lori's second book)

Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later (Cat and Reese's second book)
Dirty Rich TBD (Ashley's story)


  • You will love it.

    By Tammyemd
    This is Cole and Lori’s second book and picks up right where the first Dirty Rich Cinderella left off. All is good on their honeymoon. Cole and Lori had a magical honeymoon in Paris and then they came home to drama with things from their past. You miss nothing in this story. You have hot sex, love, danger, and characters from other stories. What more can you ask for! Don’t miss out on this love story.
  • Exciting and oh, so sexy!

    By Erin ~ Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    4.5 Stars I was so excited when I found out we were going to get more of Lori and Cole! Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. This series has been one amazing story after another. Passion, excitement, action, and intrigue! Each book just as riveting as the last, and this one was no different. I couldn’t put it down. I loved getting to see Lori and Cole continue to evolve. Alpha male to the max, Cole was intense and unrelenting in his need to protect Lori. Lori continued to show her strength and resiliency. They make such a great team, but Jones definitely gave us some drama with these two. In addition to that, she wove together a complex storyline. So many new developments within this story that will lead into future series installments, perhaps even a series crossover?! I can’t wait to see how everything will play out!
  • Loved This Book!

    By Semiller7
    Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Ever After by Lisa Renee Jones is the continuing story of Cole & Lori. They return from an amazing honeymoon in Paris to drama. They both have demons they are trying to work through. This book is amazing and is full of suspense, mystery and of course steamy hotness. This author never disappoints!
  • A stellar book!

    By Lckybreader
    This is Lori and Cole’s second book, after they’re married and about to return from their honeymoon. The passion between the two is just as scorching in this book. We get an insight into Cole’s fears and how much the two really love and need each other. There is mystery and suspense. Once again Lisa Renee Jones writes a stellar book. So much emotion leaps off the pages.
  • Lori and Cole book 2

    By MelissaNY666
    Cole and Lori married and then honeymoon in Paris, and what a honeymoon. Although, before they leave they must deal with the media from the high profile case, which bring in Walker Security. Cole and Lori must find their balance, Cole has secret and a Lori has walked away in the past.... A Must Read! I am an ARC reader, but I give my honest opinion. I love Lisa’s style of writing. Suspense, Erotic Romance!
  • Happily ever after never felt so satisfying!

    By starstacy
    I loved this second helping of Cole & Lori’s story! You do need to read their 1st book, Dirty Rich Cinderella Story. We start out with them on their honeymoon, & I loved reading how together they were as a couple. But things get dramatic when they go home, & Cole’s demons come out because of an incident. I loved getting to know him even deeper, & how Lori is his everything. Lori put her walls back up after this incident, but Cole worked to get them down again. She realized he is her safe place to let down her walls & that was beautiful to me. They also have Cat & Reese to help them, & I love any chance to read about them too (their book is Dirty Rich One Night Stand)! Plus we get a little taste of Reid who I enjoy, so you need to read his book, Dirty Rich Obsession, too if you haven’t! This is a dramatic, emotional & satisfying happy ending for Cole & Lori!
  • This packs a punch!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Wow! This book has me really excited for more in the series. I really wasn't expecting this to be jam packed with so much going on. I thought it was going to be a cute look into Cole and Lori's honeymoon and all the loving these two were getting up to now that they are settling in the happily ever after. What we got was Cole going all dominant and protective on Lori when they return from their honeymoon. After the big and very public trial that they just won, there is a threat out there against Lori. Now that Cole knows what life is like with her in his life, he is not willing to allow anyone to take her away from him. Ladies, it was pretty hot! We got introduced to some new characters that may or may not remain side characters. I'm intrigued to see where the author is going with them. She also hooked me on that last case Lori accepted. Since this ended with it's beginning, I'm hoping that means we get to see it all play out in a new book. It could also mean she just wanted to show Lori getting past a few bumps and this was the perfect way to get things back to normal. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. ARC provided by author.
  • Finding Happily Ever After

    By books_reviewed_my_way
    This is the follow up to Cole and Lori's story. Cole's demon's escape the box he didn't even know he had them shoved into. Lori knows there is something Cole isn't sharing with her. His overwhelming need to protect her from the protest of their last case causes Lori to put back on her armor to protect Cole, from what she isn't quite sure. Throw in the fact that Ashley, Cole's assistant, is also in a pickle and the stress level's rise. In true Cole and Lori fashion, they deal with stress with the two f's in which ever order and as many rounds as needed. Will they ever get their happy ever after?