Dirty Rich Cinderella Story - Lisa Renee Jones

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2018-05-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 296 Ratings




With only nine months left at Stanford, and despite being top of her law school class, Lori Havens takes leave to care for her sick mother. That means she juggles three jobs, the best of which is researcher for novelist, and syndicated columnist of "Cat Does Crime," Cat Summer.

One evening after finishing up her work at Cat's apartment building, Lori has an encounter with a sexy stranger, and does something out of character. She goes home with him. The night is perfect, he's perfect, wealthy, powerful and from out of town. Morning comes, and despite their connection, Lori leaves before he finds out she's far from the equal he believes her to be. She's not a charity case and she's not after his money. She will make her own. In other words, she leaves before her prince charming finds out she's no princess. 

Flash forward a few months, Lori's mother is healing, and Cat's husband, Reese, has merged his firm with another and Lori lands an internship there, with school credit and scholarship money.. Everything is falling into place. That is until fate reveals a wicked twist of events and Lori walks into a conference room to find her new boss, Cole Brooks, one of the partners, is her one-night prince charming. One sizzling shared look across a boardroom, and it's clear: this man is not done with her. It's not long before Lori is informed that she'll be working high profile cases with her one night prince charming which will require long nights and travel, starting immediately.

BOOK ONE: Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Cat and Reese's story)
BOOK TWO: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Cole and Lori's story)
BOOK THREE: Dirty Rich Obsession (Reid and Carrie's story)
BOOK FOUR: Dirty Rich Betrayal (Grayson and Mia's story)
BOOK FIVE: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After (Cole and Lori's second book)

Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later (Cat and Reese's second book)
Dirty Rich TBD (Ashley's story)


  • How can so much angst be this boring?

    By thismanmustbestopped
    The first sex scene is dull and overwrought with the character internal monologues about the power struggle they are engaged in. The she starts working for him, he’s sexually harassing her, and she doesn’t have the self-respect to refuse to have a relationship with her boss, transfer to a different supervisor, or transfer to a different firm. There is no plot support for why this is a Cinderella story, it’s more like a tedious bad analogy to give an interesting title. Definitely won’t be buying any of the other books in this series.
  • Loved it!

    By Diggorygun
    One of the very few where I’ve ignored the editing & given it 5 stars. It grabbed me from the start: funny, steamy, with a plot that wasn’t overdone. I couldn’t put it down for more than a few minutes before hurrying back. Worth reading! I’m definitely going to check out more books by this author.
  • Better than Cinderella

    By jml0110
    This book made me all kinds of warm loving feeling. Cole is truly a prince, captivating his princess. Cole and Lori’s love came from learning to trust and support one another. A team that built an unstoppable relationship from work to home. Sexy and beautiful couple!
  • Amazing!

    By V2901
    Absolutely love this book! This was my first book by this author and it definitely won’t be my last. I love any story that has a hint of a fairy tail to it and this book definitely did not disappoint. I haven’t read book one yet but i didn’t feel like I was lost in this book. Definitely can read the series out of order. I just picked up the first one in this series today. Can’t wait.
  • Awesome!

    By Hunnye
    I love this book from the beginning to the end. This book was exciting and made you feel all kinds of different emotions. I hated that it had to end. I want to keep reading and reading and reading. Awesome read great job LRJ.
  • So good!!!!

    By BHay06
    Lori wants nothing more than to be an attorney when she has to put her dreams on hold when her dad passes away and leaves them losing everything and she has to work four jobs to pay off all their debt and tiny run down apartment and take care of her mom who had a stroke. When she runs into Cole and goes home with him she leaves no traces of who she is. Wanting nothing but a one night stand which is something she never does she sneaks out in the morning. things start looking up for Lori when She wins an award internship to finally go after what she always wanted. Until she realized fate has brought them together again but as Cole as her boss. Will they be able to fight the attraction? Will they be able to work through what the past has damaged? Will Lori be able to trust again? This book was so good. Love how Cole never gives up and proves no matter what he cares and will always be there. Arc given to me by author.
  • A Wow Written Love Story

    By AmesHrt
    Off the charts WOW! Cole and Lori have a story that draws you in and has you cheering for them personally and as a couple. Lisa Renee jones weaves their love story so perfectly you feel what they feel and fall in love with them as they fall for each other. Cole is the high powered lawyer that runs into the girl he can seem to forget but doesn’t even know her full name. When he finds her, she walking into his office as his intern. He’s a master persuasion in the court room, but can he persuade her they can make a relationship between them work? A deliciously addictive and beautiful story!
  • Loved loved this story!

    By Myrtle ann
    I love this author! I loved this book! I had to read it all in one sitting.
  • Her dreams cake true and included the prince she never knew she wanted.

    By Flakky482([email protected]&2(
    Lori is a broken woman. Broken by the death of her father who leaves her and her mother in debt, broken by her mother taking ill and forcing her to leave school at the top of her game. She's pouring her heart and soul into just surviving. Working 3 jobs, trying to make ends meet, she wants desperately to pay off her father's debts so that she can complete her dream; finish law School and pass the bar. Cole is her unknown. From the moment they literally run into each other, a fire is ignited. Will he be the one to make her whole again? Lisa Renee Jones once again weaves a romantic tale, captivating us with her well written and well developed characters. What endears me the most is how she can show us how all of her characters are aligned. And as a reader, if this is the first book that you pick up, she pulls you in and makes the reader want to know exactly who these other characters are.
  • Hot and steamy

    By books_reviewed_my_way
    Lisa Renee Jones does not disappoint! This stand alone in the Dirty Rich books. Lori, an assistant to Cat from the Dirty Rich One Night Stand book, is working four jobs to make ends meet. Her world all came crashing down at one time, her father died and her mother had a stroke. Lori dropped out of Stanford Law School even though she was the top of her class to take care of her mom and working to try to dig them out of the financial hole her father left them. In the process of running from one job to another she run into a man on the street spilling her bag on the street. She is instantly attracted to him but is in a rush to get to her job. Later, Cat ask her to meet in a bar at their building. She thinks Cat is going to fire her but instead Cat informs her that she and Reese have nominated her for a scholarship that will allow her to finish law school as well as pay her a monthly stipend. However, Cat needs to run and leaves Lori alone telling her to order what ever she wants and put it on her tab. It isn't long before she is encountered by the man she ran into, Cole. She ends up going home with him for the night, allowing him to spank her, but she refuses to give him her last name but this is a one time thing, she can't risk more. The following morning, she leaves while Cole is in the shower. Cole knew he shouldn't have left her alone and now he has to go back to Houston to finish up so that they can complete this merger. He can't get Lori off his mind. No woman does this to him. He has women when he wants them but that is it, nothing more. When he arrives in Houston, he ask his assistant to track down a lawyer in New York named Lori, spelled L-O-R-I. He can't give her any other details. Unfortunately, the lawyers Ashley tracks down by the name Lori, checking alternate spellings as well, is not her. He can't get her off his mind, even turning down the ADA that he has occasionally slept with over the years. The merger in place he returns to New York, where he has joined forces with Reese. It is also Lori's first day as part of her scholarship program. Both of them are taken aback when they encounter each other at the introduction of the new partner, Cole Brooks. This begins the push and pull between them as Lori is assigned to Cole's team. He will be her mentor. However, he wants, no needs, much more with Lori. Lori doesn't want to be accused of sleeping her way to the top. She doesn't want to be at the mercy of Cole's position or money, she won't let him have that hold that over her. Lori doesn't want a man to take care of her, she can take care of herself. She will not be in the position that her father left her mother in, debt, struggling, living in a tiny apartment. She will dig them out on her own. The push and pull goes on. Lori and Cole make an excellent legal team. She assist him with a case of a diva actress in L.A. Things seem to be going well, Lori is spending most nights with Cole, but returning home before her mother gets home from work. One of her rules was that Cole not come to her apartment but he breaks that rule, even coming inside when invited by her mother, and she can't deal with him taking over her life. She tells him she needs space. After going to pay on her mother's hospital bill and finding out it has been paid off Lori goes to Cole's. She is absolutely LIVID by this point but it doesn't end at all as she expects.