Death on the Rocks - A Short Read - K.J. Emrick & Kathryn De Winter

Death on the Rocks - A Short Read

By K.J. Emrick & Kathryn De Winter

  • Release Date: 2017-06-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


From the author of the Darcy Sweet Mystery Series.

After the events in Melbourne that led to the death of her best friend, Miranda Wylder has found a dream home in Moonlight Bay. 

While watching the sea crashing on the beach one evening, a golden retriever shows up at her door. 

He leads her on a merry chase through the sand and at the end she discovers the dead body of his owner, slumped on the rocks, once again thrusting her into a murder mystery.

She can’t turn her back even if she wanted to as there is another ghost who needs her help.

The investigation leads to one of Moonlight Bay's wealthy families that the victim was involved with. But when the detective in charge of the investigation catches Miranda snooping around he is less than happy.

In this Psychic Mystery, will the truth be unveiled or will the killer get away with the tide?