A Rancher's Surrender - Michelle Beattie

A Rancher's Surrender

By Michelle Beattie

  • Release Date: 2016-10-03
  • Genre: Western
Score: 4.5
From 184 Ratings


Denied entrance into vet school because of her gender, fiery and determined Jillian Matthews trained at her father's side and then headed west to Montana Territory after answering an ad using only her father's initials and last name.  She is convinced that her skills will override local ranchers prejudice.  She's wrong and handsome Wade Parker, the one who hired her, is the first to make his displeasure public.  But Jillian refuses to back down and sets out to win Wade's approval.  Soon that's not all she hopes to win.

Widower Wade Parker is furious the new vet he helped hire is a woman.  The fact that she's beautiful, smart and wakes parts of him that he thought dead burns even more.  Feeling tricked, Wade is determined to send her back east but when the town turns on Jillian and her enemies become dangerous, he steps up to be her protector.  And that's not the only role Jillian has him contemplating.


  • Excellent!!

    By Montanafilly73
    A very well written, believable story! I loved every second it took to read it! Bravo.

    By Bun Brrabbid Lop
    Loved this book from the first page through to the last page! From the cowboy rancher to a young woman veterinarian, to narrow minded town of residents, all characters are made to be believable...which enriches the whole plot/story. Michelle is a new author/writer to me! I will be reading more of her books! If this review sounds like other great reviews, I am NOT trying to copy them. I truly love this book And like it that it was lengthy...to be able to smoothly tell the story the best!!!
  • A Ranchers Surrender

    By Trena10
    Emotional - frightening times for the female vet yet love blossomed.
  • Great

    By Freeman4444
  • A Rancher's Surrender

    By SonjaSB
    I was so involved in this story I could hardly lay it down. It touched my heart in so many always. It is an excellent novel. Sonja Stover Bracey
  • 😔

    By Alexa_me99
    For a historical romance, it really wasn't very historical, I think the author really didn't know very much about that time period, I know she was trying to picture a strong female character who fought to be recognized in a male profession, but to me the character just annoying, always complaining about how unfair she's being treated and how great she is at her job. Also even if we weren't living in that time period, but in the present, anyone would be a bit mad about getting a vet that literally lied about everything, their name, their education, their experience, cause let's face it, no matter how good she thinks she is, her father was probably a bit better than her considering he was older and a lot more experienced than she had, I mean she was is her early 20's. So the town had a bit of a right to be mad at her, female or not, I mean it's like hiring Jennifer Lopez to perform for u, and what u get is a Jennifer Lopez impersonator.... It's not the same thing, no matter how much they look-a-like. So to me she just sounded a bit annoying and arrogant, cause bottom line is she lied and manipulated her way into that job, I like pioneer women but she really wasn't one. I tried but wasn't able to like her character. The rest of the story was a bit of a high school drama, like I said not very in tune with the actual time period.
  • A Rancher's Surrender

    By Jean Boehmke
    I really enjoy historical romance novels, and I really liked this one. Jillian is bucking the norms of society by becoming a vet, and Wade didn't realize she was a woman when he hired her to be the new vet for Marietta. Jillian was a wonderful heroine and I love that she refused to back down no matter what road blocks were thrown in her way by narrow-minded townspeople. Wade really grew as a character, being a widower with a young daughter he battled with his feelings and tradition/expectations. Great story!
  • Sweet Historical Romance

    By BookSnuggle
    "A Rancher's Surrender" by Michelle Beattie is a sweet historical romance. This is Jillian Matthews and Wade Parker's story. Jillian has always wanted to be a veterinarian but women were not allowed entrance into vet school. Jillian's dad was a sought after vet and trained other vets. Jillian trained under her dad. She took a vet job in the you would probably have to Montana territory in hopes that they would be more accepting of a woman vet. Jillian discovered that even in the west Montana territory they still didn't accept wthe idea of a woman vet. I admired Jillian's determination to stand up for what she wants. Wade is a widower raising his daughter while trying to make his ranch successful. He wasn't too happy to discover that the vet he hired was a women. Plus, the sight of Jillian woke up parts of him that thought had died. Will Wade and the community give Jillian a chance to prove herself as a vet? Will Jillian and Wade take a chance on love? This is a sweet romance of two people that are perfect for each other. I enjoyed Wade and Jillian's story. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Enjoyable, Interesting

    By Renae_D
    The Rancher's Surrender was a very enjoyable read. It had a consistent pace that kept you captivated to see how it was all going to pull together. Jillian was outcast from the town as she had a man's profession in 1882 as a vet, which was just wrong and the first rancher she assisted (Wade) cow's died after childbirth, which lead the town and Wade at first to believe she shouldn't be a vet, with time Wade sees his error and works to support her, while quite a few town folks still try to run her out of town. I really like how the author pulled the story together at the end and turned around the town's feelings. I don't want to spoil anything. Hoping their will be a story about Silver and Shane. I received an ARC for a honest and fair review.
  • Wonderful

    I really enjoyed this one! I'm don't usually enjoy historicals but the premise of this one called to me. Strong female lead that is willing to do anything to live her life her way. That's what Jillian Mathews does to get her opportunity to work as the veterinarian she's been trained to be. No she didn't go to school because she wasn't allowed but she worked with her father and was as good as any school trained vet. When she shows up on a Montana ranch she's ready for the rancher's reaction when he finds out she's a woman. She stands firm and fights for her chance. Then when the townspeople start to turn on her, Wade (the rancher) stands by her side ready to protect and claim her as his own. This is a wonderfully written story and one I would definitely recommend.