Alex - Irish Winters


By Irish Winters

  • Release Date: 2016-05-29
  • Genre: Military
Score: 4.5
From 602 Ratings


He’s trying to forget….

Alex Stewart, ex-Marine and tough as nails boss of The TEAM, ditches the success of his fledgling business and flees to his cabin in the deep woods. He’s had enough. Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, he’s stuck in the anger stage of grief. Life used to make sense. It used to be worth living. Not any more.

She’s trying to remember….

Left to die in those same deep woods, Kelsey is the last thing Alex expects to find at his cabin. She’s everything he’s running from. Responsibility. Memories. Having to care about someone who could hurt him. To make matters worse, she only remembers her first name. Neither can she explain the marks on her body, nor why two darling baby boys haunt her dreams.

But Alex can….


  • Alex

    By Crazy not lazy
    It was different. Very involved. It seemed to bog down at times
  • The best!

    By sbsbrinson
    I loved this book with the wonderful characters and a storyline that makes you angry, sad, cry, and sigh at the different twists and turns in this book! Highly recommend reading this page turner.
  • Alex

    By getlt
    I truly enjoyed reading this book. You did a superb job !!!!!
  • Good read but something missing

    By johnny-cs
    The first 2/3 of the book was a great read. But then things happened that were not explained. Like how did the ex-husband show up at the cabin when he should be in prison for murder. Did I miss a page? What happened to the Ex mother-in-law? Is she still out there?
  • Alex.

    By IPMPH
    I would recommend this book to all who like action packed and romance of a well written book.
  • Alex

    By Lindsay 3
    I so throughly enjoyed this book! I usually like love stories from the1800’s but thought I’d try this one. It was a complete surprise as to the great characters, clean romance, intrigue that I could hardly put it down. It was well written and very real as I was there with the main characters. I’m anxious to start book by Irish .
  • Alex by Irish Winters

    By Blacksheep ;)
    Darling and intense story. Love and loss and grit.
  • Very Moving

    By Pseudonymous Girl
    Bawled like a baby through the entirety of the book, but it was an absolutely beautiful story. Highly recommend!
  • Potential

    By Pheenah
    Generally a good story but it was soooo drawn out. This book could’ve been MUCH shorter and more enjoyable to read. While I understand setting the scene is imperative, it just dragged on and on. Too many paragraphs wasted describing the most irrelevant things in excruciating detail. Also a lot of unnecessarily long scenes. If the story was more compact and written with a little bit more lightness it would’ve been so much better. It had the potential but was so dark and long. P.S. when I talk about the darkness, I am aware that the story touches on very serious matters, however the characters never had a break. Even during the times when they were finally showing their love, the tone of the writing was so serious and gloomy (with minor exceptions).
  • Amazing!

    By Gramma Caryl
    This book brings out so many emotions and show so much heart and healing. You must read it with a box of Kleenex and a soft fire glowing. I wasn't able to put it down. Courage, faith and love are triumphant over all.