The American Patriot's Handbook - George Grant

The American Patriot's Handbook

By George Grant

  • Release Date: 2016-01-05
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


This revised and updated edition of The American Patriot's Handbook gives an authoritative and concise introduction to the ideas, events, and personalities that have shaped American freedom, ideals, and values. Included are important and inspirational speeches, poems and song lyrics along with profiles of presidents and prominent individuals who have shaped the nation’s history. 

Key documents featured are:

• The Mayflower Compact
• The Declaration of Independence
• The lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner”
• The Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy
• The Letter from the Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr.

A wonderful amount of new material delves even deeper into our national identity to showcase not only our fighting spirit, but strong compassion, including:

• Epitaph of a Patriot by Anne Bradstreet
• The Defense of the Alamo by Joaquin Miller
• Nobel Prize Acceptance by William Faulkner
• September 11 Address to the Nation by George W. Bush 

The American Patriot’s Handbook is the perfect resource for anyone who wishes to understand this majestic country, from its historic founding until today...