Sam Sackett

Huckleberry Finn Grows Up


In my sequel Huck goes to Tahlequah, Indian Territory, and lives with the Cherokees until the California gold rush lures him to Hangtown (now Placerville).  He drifts to San Francisco; then, when Kansas Territory is opened for settlement, ...

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Sweet Betsy from Pike

sweet betsy_from_pike

It's 1849. Betsy is eighteen, a minister's daughter, and pregnant.  To escape the shame, she and her lover, Ike, run away and join a wagon train headed for the California gold fields.

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Adolf Hitler in Oz

adolf hitler_in_Oz

Good always triumphs over evil.  Evil persons overreach themselves; their ambitions are bigger than their capabilities.  Evil persons underestimate the power of their opponents.  Hence it may take a while, but they will lose in the end.

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